The following policies are designed to insure maximum enjoyment while assuring the standards and tradition held by the Plandome Country Club.

Golf Dress Code

Proper golf attire is required at all times at all golf facilities, including the putting greens, practice area and dining areas available during and after a round of golf.

Ladies: Women golf attire must be either tailored slacks, Capri pants, shorts, skorts or golf skirts. Shorts, skirts and skorts may not be shorter than four inches (4") above the knee. Tops must be tucked in unless they are specifically designed to be worn outside and must not rise above the beltline at any time during the golf swing. Sleeveless tops must be collared. Tops with sleeves shall be collared or have a high neck.

Men: Cargo shorts (shorts with external pockets on the leg), lacrosse shorts, tennis shorts, bicycle shorts, bathing trunks or any other non-golf shorts, are prohibited. Denim and terrycloth materials are prohibited.

From Memorial Day to Labor Day all players must wear a collared shirt with a traditional fold down collar. Long sleeve traditional turtle necks or mock turtles are permitted in the fall and winter months.
Shirts must be tucked in at all times.

Caps, hats or visors must be worn facing forward at all times.

Inappropriate or offensive wording on clothing is prohibited.

Proper soft spike golf shoes must be worn. “Black widow” brand or similar spikes damage our greens and are prohibited. Please consult the Professional Staff or Locker Room Attendant to determine if your type of spike is permitted. Prohibited spikes will be changed by the locker attendant at no cost.

Dining Areas Dress Code

Denim, sweat shirts, tee shirts, running shoes, sneakers, and men’s sandals are prohibited throughout the Clubhouse at all times. Please do not wear your hat in the Clubhouse. Certain sections of the dining room and events call for a specific dress code. The following definitions apply: Casual – Collared Shirt. Dress – Jacket, dress slacks and dress shoes. Children and guests must adhere to these rules. Casual dining is offered on all days except Wednesday. The policy for this day is “Dress.

Tennis Dress Code

All men’s shirts must have a collar. No sleeveless shirts are permitted. Women’s tennis tank tops are permitted as long as they do not rise above the waist line. Junior members 18 & under are permitted to wear tennis tee shirts. No gym shorts, running shorts, or bathing attire permitted on courts. Appropriate flat soled tennis shoes are required for Har- Tru courts.

Platform Tennis Dress Code

All players must wear tennis sneakers and appropriate athletic garments (sweat suits, jeans and other inappropriate attire is prohibited.)

General Facility Policies

Parking Lot -For maximum safety and convenience, guest must utilize the valet service.

Cell Phone Calls - Except in a true emergency, cell phone calls are prohibited in any building and at any outdoors dining area at the Club. Cell phone calls are strongly discouraged, but permitted in other outdoor areas of the Club. On those rare occasions where you find a call outdoors truly necessary please be courteous to your fellow members. Keep all calls short and speak quietly. Keep your phone in silent mode. Please avoid unnecessary calls.
Guests- Guests may use the locker room facilities only if accompanied by a member (not children of members) in the allowable member classification. Guests may not use the exercise equipment.


Golf Course

All groups are expected to play 18 holes in no more than four hours. Please maintain a brisk pace of play and avoid allowing a gap to form between you and the group ahead. If any group fails to keep its place on the course and allows one hole to open between the group and the players in front, it should speed pace of play. Also lagging groups must allow the group following to play through and the latter should insist on the granting of this right in order to maintain the pace of play over the entire course.

Please be courteous to your fellow golfers. Replace all divots; rake all bunkers; speak quietly when other players are within earshot. Protection of the golf course is every player’s responsibility. A player or his or her caddy must replace all divots and repair all ball marks.
All golfers should be well acquainted with the USGA Rule Book. Please ask our Golf Professional for a copy. Plandome Country Club abides by USGA rules. Any golf club or ball banned by the USGA is prohibited in tournaments.

Keep carts a minimum of 50 feet from the green and drive in the rough when possible. Carts may not be driven on the tee or close to the tee box. Please exercise caution while driving carts, especially on hills and in wet weather. Carts are not permitted in the parking lot.